Thursday, April 03, 2008


Spoke too soon yesterday; felt like crap from mid-morning on and Maalox was my best friend. Crashed right after work, slept 4 hours, ate a very little something, and crashed again til morning. Today...seems...ok...treating myself with kid gloves and taking nothing for granted. I'm very frustrated and whiny about this, so we won't delve further on the subject.

Weather's gorgeous, almost too warm, 80s and muggy because it's not raining nearly as much as it's threatening...makes me want to cut my hair shorter, but I'll try to have patience. Besides, now that it has fresh layers, cutting it shorter would just give it more body, which would drive me nuttier than the length. Yes, I know how fickle I am about my hair, what's it to you?

I ache to be elsewhere, am quite ready for a jaunt to SC next weekend, even though it's barely a breather between the family drama that accompanies these trips and the fact that I can't get any time off work, thanks to the flu sucking all my PTO dry. Hopefully I can get a hike in at Hitchcock Woods and some play time with the niece; both those activities help recharge me nicely.

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