Friday, April 04, 2008

Fabulous Friday

My gosh, but it's amazing outside. Slipped out from work to grab some Rolaids or a soda or something, because I was enjoying the mid-morning queasyness that's been plaguing me all week (and no, it's not THAT; believe me, I'd be a lot more tolerant of it if it was)...Temps are mid-70s, lots of sunshine, and just enough of a breeze to help me feel better as I ran my quick errands. I'm currently without sunglasses (lost a screw...sigh, story of my life ::grin::), which makes it a little harder to enjoy the brightness, but that breeze gave me such a lift. Makes it harder to go back inside, but I carry it with me and it's a comfort.

Later, sunglass shopping at Target ($6 for Wayfarer wannabes), the library after work, and relaxing, relaxing, relaxing...

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