Friday, April 18, 2008's a good thing...

Crap, does Martha hold rights to that phrase? Like anyone in America doesn't know that that phrase is Martha Stewart's...still, CYA.

Quarterly bonuses created a nice paycheck boost today, and my brain is aflutter at the idea of getting bills taken care of and still having enough to squirrel away so that we can go camping next month. It's a nice feeling. Still gotta be careful, of course, but it's nice to start budgeting when you've actually got money to work with.

Got sock up to heel turn, will start that this weekend. Those short rows are satisfying and go by fast. This weekend is pretty packed with projects; I may go to Mom's both Saturday and Sunday to help out. She'd love to get the house on the market soon, which means going through that garage and figuring out what goes into storage and what gets tag-saled. It's not a small task, so it's important we start chipping away at it.

Got my first spam in a while in the Comments...I'm pretty sure the individual trying to sell hair transplantation in Spanish doesn't give a crap about my blog. If it continues, I'll change my settings.

Happy Friday, folks! Enjoy the Spring!

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Terra said...

Heya Mel,

Poppin in to say Hiya. You are such a dedicated blogger, I want to be like you when I grow up, lol.