Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hi there!

Yeah, yeah, I promised you pictures...soon, maybe tonight. When you're chained to a computer 8 hours a day at work, the last thing you want to do is go home and play on your own system. Well, that's not exactly true...went through some serious project avoidance a couple of months back and was playing on the home system for hours after work, but that was a phase; just as the current phase is to barely look at it sideways.

Can tell I'm a little more scattered these days. Need to recognize it better, rather than ride it, or else I'm going to be frustrated with myself for not getting more done. When I'm able to look back on the evenings and can't remember DOING anything, that bugs me. I know I need relax time after work, but if all I'm doing is zoning in front of the tube, well of course, that won't do. There's exercise and detritus purging and Husby harassing and cleaning, and plenty of other stuff to amuse myself with.

SouleMama's latest entry lists some neat children's book selections for spring, plus shows examples of freezer paper stenciling. My cup runneth over every time I read her blog. Can't wait to get paid tomorrow; a tiny chunk of my bonus is going toward her book.

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