Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Midweek mind wander

My stalking, ah, I mean investigative capabilities have reached new heights...managed to track down my 5th grade crush this week, as well as a girl I babysat before she was old enough to remember me...

Definitely in a small project mood lately...can't remember if I mentioned it yet, but I started a baby sweater, the Spirogyra fingerless gloves, and a fresh pair of Broadripples this past weekend. Did a little bit of all three last night while I watched TV, and it was surprisingly satisfying. Those and Beach are the extent of my attention span where knitting is concerned lately...haven't gotten around to frogging the other projects, but I see it happening.

I can see Mom's going to take some convincing where Dad's tools are concerned. She made the comment that when Lil Bro and I get around to having our own homes, that we'll want all new stuff. She doesn't get how valuable Dad's stuff is, that they plain don't make tools like that anymore, and the last thing I want to do is buy new stuff and have it turn out to be crap when I could've had Dad's. In this throwaway society of ours, it's just a given that most of Dad's tools are built better and will last longer because of their age. I'm hoping Cyril and I will be able to sit together soon and just go through the whole cabinet and split his stuff between us. I get that she's trying to make money at the tag sale, but there's plenty there of value for us kids too. I can see myself weakening on my desire for his big drill; if I could get one of his electric circular saws much stuff to go through. I'm going over Saturday after knitting, and we'll just start taking boxes down.

Got Friday the 9th off! Very happy about that. The 12th may be Dad's 1-year mark, but things started that Thursday night, and that Friday was the longest day of my life. I didn't want to be in Jacksonville for that day at all, let alone working; it would've been brutal. This way, we'll go up to SC Thursday night, hang with his folks Friday, and go camp Saturday and Sunday. This also means coming back Monday and being there Tuesday morning for the church service that Mom has had dedicated to Dad.

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