Monday, April 28, 2008


Puttered Saturday, organized Sunday...filed old bills, projected for the next steps...this week I'll be projecting for the next month, because that stimulus check should allow us to catch up, but it's dropping right when we go camping; so some responsible spending is in order.

OT first half of this week...I hate OT during the week, but my boss is blackmailing me...he isn't really able to spare me on Friday the 9th, but he will if I put forth a good-faith effort to knock out the queues for month end. I'll take his manipulation, can always use the money, and I haven't been doing any weekend OT since they started it back up, because one day a weekend has been devoted to Mom in some way, and I make sure to have one day for me.

Pretty sure we found Mom an apartment this past weekend, so organizing her house will kick into high gear now. I'm going to have to get my own storage space, because she likely won't get a garage in the new place. That's fine, will allow me to better parcel what I want from the garage hopefully. Cross your fingers for us, that one of her neighbors comes through on their interest in buying the house as an investment.

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