Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday :)

I mean, really, does it get much better than that?

Friday means the weekend, wearing jeans to work, having time for me. Technically I could wear jeans about everyday, but a) I only own one pair, and b) I'm just old enough to have some standards when it comes to what's appropriate to wear to work. These 20-somethings who show up for work in their club wear and flip-flops baffle me. Where'd their parents go wrong? Is that another sign I'm old and out of touch? Nah...

Hanging with Lil Sis and Mom Saturday, while we scope the apartment sitch on my side of town for Mom. Sunday, hopefully some puttering and baking. I want to try the Emergency Chocolate Cake recipe from Farmgirl, start some fingerless gloves and another pair of socks, and do some cleaning. It could happen. Finished Husby's socks last night!

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