Thursday, April 24, 2008

I hate Tom Cruise

Even before he became the 2nd coming of Scientology, I was never all that enamored with the guy; didn't think he was that good looking, and thought his acting ability left something to be desired. Was mildly impressed with how he bulked out for Far & Away, and it ticks me off that I still really enjoy A Few Good Men, but for the most part, can't stand anything else he's contributed to American theater. Lost a lot of respect for Katie Holmes too, and gained some for Nicole Kidman in the process.

But my hatred for the man spawned when he decided that he was smarter than the medical community and needed to voice the evils of psychiatry and psychotropic medications. My bloodwork and symptomology are scientific proof that I benefit from certain medications, and that I'll likely be on them the rest of my life. I find his views poorly researched, unsubstantiated, and his desire to spout them so publicly, dangerous.

I've been down to 10 mg. on the Paxil for about 2 weeks now, the result of trying to wean off the stuff before getting pregnant. The result has been constant headaches, I'm back talking to myself constantly, I can't stand being trapped in meeting rooms for long periods, and I'm scattered as hell. Decided I'd had enough of that yesterday, and today I went back up to 20 mg. It's been a good morning, and while I'll grant you that the decision itself is enough to swing my emotions a bit, I also know I'm doing right by me, making this choice for now. If/when I get pregnant, I'll talk it over with both doctors before deciding if I cold-turkey the rest. But until then, it's just not worth coming unglued. I like me on Paxil; I'm a very strong, more complete person on it. Tom Cruise can go f*ck himself.

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