Friday, April 11, 2008

Gettin' outta town!

Are we there yet?

These SC trips really aren't a big deal; it's the change of venue that I'm looking forward to. I mean, it's harder to relax there sometimes, given the family drama; it never feels like we get enough time there, and the trip itself is a drag at times. But in between that, there's Mom J. buying me clothes, really fresh air, tall trees to hug, a nearly 2-year-old niece to lavish love on, and if I'm lucky, a quick hike in Hitchcock Woods. Mom J. wants to take me out Saturday, so maybe early Sunday when everybody else is still sleeping, I can get my woods time. I spend a lot of time outdoors when we're up there, partly because it's quite pretty and partly because that house does get kind of small at times with all the people that live there. The ride up is half-interstate and half back roads, and the back roads are beautiful...lots of fields, farmland, cows, horses, etc. Even at night, it's a lovely stretch.

I'm packing smarter, only 2 books and 1 knitting project, since time will be tight. Plus I have a bad habit of neglecting Grandma when I'm there, so I'll be trying to spend more time downstairs chatting her up. She's over 85 and doesn't get around a whole lot, and the split-level nature of the house makes it easier to bypass her floor, which she has to feel sometimes.

This weekend is 11 months. This Dad-being-gone thing is really getting old, and I think it's time for him to come back now. I'm really glad that I'm weaning off my meds, because it is allowing me to grieve again...TV's a real bitch, can't keep a dry eye during any funeral scene, no matter how detached I think I am from the show at the time.

Mom's had nibbles from 2 different neighbors about possibly buying her house as an investment, so she's totally hot to clear the joint out and getting cracking on a move. Next weekend, I'll be over there giving the garage a true once-over and making a list of stuff that I'd like to see in storage personally; and I'll plant her aloes while I'm at it. I'm bringing an aloe up to Mom J. this weekend, so I'll finally be down to 1 plant besides the Big Boys.

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