Monday, April 14, 2008


Such a nice weekend, I'm having trouble focusing all my thoughts...but I'm at work, so that's normal. Should be concentrating on work of course, but for stuff this dry, you can only give it so much of yourself without wanting to commit hara-kiri, so the mind wanders within reason.

The weather was so exquisite yesterday, Les and I actually did something we'd hoped to do while up there: wash the car. Quite out of character for our lazy butts, especially considering he still hasn't been able to get his hair cut yet (it's been growing for the better part of a year now without a trim, and is finally driving him batty - he stuffs it under a ball cap, and with his beard, he looks like he belongs at the wheel of a big rig ::grin:: damn cute n' scruffy), and I was working with my glasses on, because I thought I had managed a scratch on my eye (serious irritation, pain, and tearing late Saturday through Sunday that thankfully wasn't that bad, as I'm back in contacts for work - yay!). Ironically, we live literally across the driveway from our complex's car-washing station, but we never have quarters to spare, and it's ALWAYS occupied by a tenant who cares more about automotive aesthetics than we do. The weather was high-50s/low-60s with a nice breeze, and we worked as a team. I had such a blast! But in true "wait, we're outta shape?" fashion, our bodies started to tell us later that evening, in no uncertain terms, that we need to get to work on getting healthier. My goodness, the sore muscles! Then take that soreness and imagine waking up at 5:30 a.m. to hit the road back to Jax...and working a full shift after 5 hours in the car. I'm a bit shredded today, but it was so worth it, to get back up there, breathe fresh air, see and hug trees, play with the niece...she's really a beautiful kid, and I got some great pictures of her and of spring coming up around their yard and neighborhood. I'll post some soon; got 2 cool shots of bumblebees in the azaleas and the biggest iris I've ever seen in my life.

Tonight's a wash...I''m betting when I finally get home around 9 p.m., the bed will still be covered with laundry, suitcase, etc. And that really is fine, because Husby worked hard not to turtle this weekend, in spite of his head, so I'm expecting him to head undercovers for the next day or three, which is ok, because his body needs the recoup, and we're starting to talk seriously about finding him part-time work, so it's a take-it-while-you-can-get-it kind of thing. My evenings this week will be with Kathy Smith, the Bean, and my weights, as well as Frugal Living for Dummies and that menu plan/financial notebook I started months back; I'm teaching myself to budget our time and our finances. Being married 9 years, I figure it's about frickin' time :)

Almost ready to turn the heel on the second Broadripple sock, so that'll get my crafty attention this week, as well as deciding what to do about a pair of capris I got this weekend...made a classic mistake with those: it was a top-and-capri set for $11.98 (yes, I know, too good to be true) and they were displayed with the pants hung inside of the shirt. I noticed the ones I originally tried on had grease on them, so went back to the rack and grabbed another in the same size, without giving them a proper QC check. Turned out to have rips down BOTH legs. Well, frick on a stick! I usually do give clothes a QC check, but I was so delighted to be getting this little wardrobe boost, my brain glazed over. The darn things were only serged to begin with, so I fear my attempts to carefully hand-stitch the rips could result in disaster, and machine repair would result in them no longer fitting well around my legs, but if that turns out to be the case, I'm hoping to use that pair as a template for making myself something from scratch...stay tuned!

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