Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Rallyin' Wednesday

Not that any men read this blog, but do you males know how lucky you have it? Sure, your role in creating life seems minimal, but in return you don't have to deal with hormonal surges, lower back pain, water retention, a lower belly that feels like it's on fire once a month, stretch marks, and a host of other symptoms mainly relegated to the female of the species. If I'm unable to propogate said species after 30ish years of this enjoyment, God's getting a punch in the crotch when I finally see him.

But my body's starting to rally from the bliss that is womanhood...headaches abating, energy returning, and I'm looking to the weekend and better use of my evenings. Started Candleflame last night, because I was bored and a glutton for punishment wardrobe badly needs a lift, but after plowing through all my old Interweaves, I couldn't decide on a shell, so went the scarf route. As it starts to tip into the 80s here (temperature, not era), it's harder to imagine wearing anything, short- or long-sleeved, that originates as yarn. We'll see how far it makes it past those first 18 rows...I'm definitely bored with my current UFOs though, mainly the Beach, because I'm only about halfway up the body of the bottom color, and that much straight stockinette in the round is a drag, even for me...will probably indulge in more Cozy for variety in the coming weeks, unless I can get my paws on some material and a top pattern.

P.S. Definitely off Clomid until we figure out what's going on with my knee...

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