Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Thoughts of a Tuesday

When you drink your first sip of coffee in the morning, and you're feeling bleary eyed and grumpy still, and the first sip somehow clears your head a bit, opens your eyes wider, and your first thought is "oh yeah, that's the stuff...," that's not a sign of any problem, is it?

Ah, just joking...mine's half-decaf nowadays, I think I'm in good shape.

I'm accommodating my battyness while I wean, by sticking to simple projects. Last night I found my knitting chair amidst the piled-up library books and did just a bit of knitting on Beach between my laundry excursions. Straight stockinette isn't boring when it's all your brain can handle at the moment. Also separated more yarn; the pile of Vanna's Choice that I procured from Michie was half new, half mixed, so I'm separating the mixed back for Beach. It's a mysteriously calming project.

Going to attempt to purge this blog of the whinyness, saving my medical bitching for the MJ Health blog. Trying to refocus on the gardening I'd like to do, the books I'm reading, and my ever-present love of the sticks and fiber. I found a nice piece of wood in the garage at Mom's, that I'm going to use to make a loom of sorts, by taking 2 of the plastic looms I got for Xmas and securing them to either end. Stay tuned...

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