Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Lil Sis had been at her promotion less than a month, heck I think less than 2 weeks, when she received a nibble from the 2nd largest PR firm in Orlando. When stuff like that happens, all you can do is thank Murphy for the life lesson and then punch him in the crotch.

Here I am, pondering starting a family, trying to figure out how to ask the company if they'd be open to me working my 30 to get my bennies and then also working from home part-time, trying to ask that without giving away my hand (I get that it's not worth broaching with the company until I actually get PG, but it's an example of how I'm planning, how things are working in my head at present) naturally my boss puts in her 2-weeks' notice. Her job is about the only thing, besides my job, that I'm truly qualified for at this place; my tenure and experience would give the other key player in the race for her post a run for her money. So am I being premature in being worried, how I could get the job only to have to tell them that it really needs to be only a 9-month gig? That's not fair to the company certainly, but then again, it could take us awhile to even get pregnant; so am I being hasty in my concern? Probably what'll happen is I'll try for it anyway, for the experience. And of course that brings up another point, if I mentioned or the higher-ups got word that I'm trying to get pregnant and they decided against me based on that, how is that fair to me? It's a thinker...if you see Murphy, tell him I'm looking for him, willya?

Separating yarn, knitting, planning and cooking real meals this's a domestic week at Chez Johnson. I've been grazing like a cow with a tapeworm for some reason, so I'm dipping back into Bob Greene's Best Life Diet concepts and giving the whys behind said eating a think.

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