Thursday, October 04, 2007

Random thoughts

Feast or famine where weather's concerned...wasn't it just 3 months-or-so ago we were praying for rain because you couldn't walk outside without tasting wood smoke in the back of your throat? Now, a week of rain and swollen rivers later and more threatening for the weekend, and all Floridians can do is whine. Like this tropical weather is something new for us. People annoy me.

Granted it helps that I live smack between the Atlantic and the St. Johns...we don't even have to evac if a CAT5 hits. But the way people get when it rains just makes me laugh. Hit Native Sun the other night after work for more lettuce and then dropped next door to Publix for a handful of less healthy essentials...when I got out of Publix, there was a hard, soaking rain coming down and a pack of people standing in front of the front doors, struck dumb, apparently trying to wait for a reprieve...what the hell for? I slipped right past them and walked, not ran, to my car, because a) if I get wet, I'm pretty sure I will eventually dry, and b) I ain't made of brown sugar. I guess if I was dressed up and on my way someplace important, I could see the point, but I'm sure not going to run from store to car in the rain and risk hurting myself, or wait it out when I could be cozy at home with my knitting and a book. People baffle me too.

Working regular hours is a royal pain when you worked a big 17 hours the week prior...

We probably can't afford to go to SC next weekend.....I'm gonna have to get out and do some hiking to assuage my outdoors ache...I was looking forward to hitting the Hitchcock Woods up there again...and I'm trying to not think about missing the SC state fair...digging up some gardening books at the library tonight, hopefully that'll remedy my antsyness for now...godinheaven, I hate Florida! I could handle this overcast weather just fine if it had enough snap in the air to warrant a scarf or jacket. Mid-80s in October is depressing in the extreme...hopefully the baking/knitting/reading I hope to do this weekend will be a balm of sorts.

I'm missing Dad this week.

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