Monday, October 08, 2007

Columbus Day, Shmolumbus Day

Seriously, do they still espouse what an amazing traveler this guy was? I mean granted, I get my history now from a combo plate of Howard Zinn and Kingsolver, but I'm wondering how they can still say the guy discovered America when a) there's proof he didn't do it first, b) he was kind enough to make the Indians slaves when he touched down, and c) he had no problem spreading disease like a brush fire with his "gifts"..... makes me wonder if/when my kids do end up in public schools, if I'm going to have to spend Saturdays undoing the damage...

I'm in a mood...canya tell?

5 months this coming Friday...I'm thinking of taking down his pictures for a while; it's hurting again to see them. Broke down this weekend watching a frickin' Sonic commercial, because they're advertising a chocolate shake with Whoppers™ mixed in...and Dad loved malted milk balls. Could just see him shaking his head at me. But it's obvious I'm going through another wave of raw where he's concerned, so I'm going to try and work on the grief journal this week, maybe have some talks with him.

We went to Chamblin's with 2½ boxes of books on Saturday, and blew most of the credit on that visit. I found a really nice gardening primer and a Kathy Smith I've been would be so easy to spend entire afternoons in that store.

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