Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Is nothing sacred?!?!

I've been halfheartedly trying to eat healthier and more in tune with the environment. I've darkened the doorstep of Native Sun on several occasions now, I'm reading up on what constitutes organic, and while I doubt I'll have the culinary repertoire for quite a while to go full-on vegetarian, I've been studying the pros and cons of industry meat vs. pasture-raised, and it's only our poor financial status that keeps me from purchasing only the good stuff, because it really does taste better.

So I'm poring over the home page of the Organic Consumers Association this morning, and happen upon a story that distresses me to no end: Greenpeace Exposes Anheuser-Busch for Having Genetically Engineered Rice in its Beer.


Granted, I'm not a huge drinker (again, that lackomoney thing usually keeps it outta the fridge), but when I do imbibe, I enjoy plain, ole ordinary Bud as my beer of choice. While my wallet usually dictates what ends up in the shopping cart these days, my newfound knowledge makes for a heck of a lot of hemming and hawing in the grocery store lately. We bought a Publix rotisserie precooked chicken this past weekend, and it took me 2 days to cut into the damn thing because of my new knowledge on the truly heinous living conditions that your average chicken bred for roasting endures (microscopic lifespan, unnaturally enhanced feed, walking around in the poop of 1000 other chickens, clipped beaks, etc...I'm telling ya, never watch one of those pro-vegan vids on the web unless you have a strong stomach or no conscience).

So anyway, finding out they're using genetically modified rice in Budweiser distresses me. They're probably only using it as a filler, but the mindset of "it's legal in the US so it's ok...we just won't sell it overseas" makes me want to scream, brings to mind the old Jurassic Park/Ian Malcolm argument: "just because you can do something, doesn't mean that you should." (Possibly even more hilarious is the level of hypocrisy in my holier-than-thou attitude...I was such a conservative sheep and so eager to be a joiner back in college, that I once made it on an NPR soundbite lobbying for food irradiation. I still remember the pride in my dad's face when he told me he'd heard me on the radio. That's one of the reasons right there, that I don't think I'll ever be an atheist, because I have to believe that Dad's out there somewhere, getting to know the person I am now...I'm digressing again...where was I?....oh yeah, the corporate bastards are messing with my beer!)

I mean, frick-on-a-stick, does this seriously mean I should boycott Budweiser? I know it'll be an ethical argument in my head the next time I pass the beer cooler, whether I plan to purchase or not. This could actually be a really good thing; I mean, it's not like the crap should be making it into my shopping cart in the first place...it's no good for me on several levels. Rather hilarious that this could be the straw that keeps me from purchasing, when the fact that it's no good for me has never stopped me before. We humans are so frickin' pathetic sometimes. Now I just need to find out something really seriously lousy about the manufacturing of your average chocolate (like the old rumors about rat hair and toenails making it into your hot dogs or peanut butter...yeesh!), and I'll be on the road to actual health! Hey, and while I'm at it, why don't I grow a spine to go with this fantastic brain, quit looking for hardcore reasons not to eat lousy, and just take care of myself?! I'm starting to piss myself off...new topic...

Got a huge pile of family photos yesterday (from Lil Sis, from an aunt); some good ones of Dad from his visit to CT for his brother's funeral last year. Makes me cry to look at them, but also makes me grateful that we went up there in June and got to get back in touch with cousins and folks - it's so great to see how people have grown and put names with faces. Mom's probably getting back today from another visit up there; she went to my dad's 50th high school reunion. I caved to emotional eating last night and let sleep come early, but tonight I need to recognize that if it tries to happen, and do some writing or knitting instead. Started another pair of cheater's fingerless gloves last night; I'd love to make a bunch of pairs of those before it gets cold here....which given my location and our current scary climate changes (can you believe the Chicago marathon?!) means I've got some time.

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