Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Downright unsettling. The epiphany hit at 1:42 p.m. yesterday, after a lunch of leftover teriyaki chicken with salad, granola bar, applesauce.....the realization that my face wasn't hitting the keyboard, butt wasn't dragging, mind wasn't going 'round the bend with that numb, dear-god-get-me-the-F-outta-here tiredness. In fact, could that be...energy? At 2 in the afternoon, doubtful; must be hormonal, yeah, that's it. But here I am the next day, 2:20ish, after a lunch of salad and juice and healthy snacks at the ready, and I feel. F-ing. fantastic!

How to make it last....well, keep eating healthy, for one. Last night was a little too carb-filled, but the main course was my broccoli-cauliflower souffle (yes, folks, it's round), cuz we had the leftovers and Husby requested it. Tonight I'm thinking beans with rice and cornbread...fairly cheap and easy. The exercise thing is still lacking, mainly because I'm using our current monsoon conditions as an excuse not to walk. I really don't like using the treadmill at the complex; besides the indoors aspect of it, there's always the chance you end up working out with one of the unwashed masses that also live in our colorful neighborhood. Problem is, when I spend the extra time making a decent meal in the evenings, it cuts into my exercise time; so there's some time management issues to be addressed in the short term....because it's just way too easy to blow off going for a walk. Thankfully, Husby's recent knowledge of his high cholesterol is motivating him to eat healthier as well, and to express interest in walking with me in the evenings. We'll see...point being, when he's hurting and can't walk, rather than sit on my butt in front of the tube, I need to exercise anyway. There's all these lazy-assed roadblocks, that are only roadblocks if I let 'em be...

And I'm reading up on healthier diet alternatives and ways to integrate the 3 basic tenets of good health (nutrition, exercise, and stress management) into my life without shocking the ole system. I want to learn to incorporate meditation or centering into my daily regimen, I want to walk or exercise everyday, and I want to eat right. That's the biggie, and a delightful realization, actually wanting to eat right. Faced with the meager propositions of a larder that's waning fast and zero money to replenish it at present, my first thought this morning was Dollar Menu at McD's. Then I thought, god no, pulled the last of the lettuce out of the crisper, and threw together a salad. And it was such an easy choice! This ain't brain surgery, I know, but it's such a refreshing change; and I just pray I have the strength to keep it up.

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