Monday, October 01, 2007

Misty Monday

Nice smathering of rain as the weekend wound up yesterday, that's carried over to today, bringing with it that breeze that's been keeping things from being so godawful muggy...first of October...makes me wistful for pumpkins and leaf change...I do want to do some cooking and cutting with pumpkins this season, just can't afford it the meantime, I'll take some of the apples in the crisper and try that apple bread recipe...

I'm doing better, though I can only attribute it to hormones on the upswing. Strangely contented weekend...the walk was lovely...the zoo was packed with kids, and it was neat to see Hunter in public, how he acts and reacts to stimuli. That breeze made everything really comfortable, and the four of us (Mom, Cyril, H, and me) had a good time. Afterward, Les and I had our eye appointments (only minor changes)...we got home and I quickly realized that I'd slide into depression if I let myself nap or relax too much, so I grabbed my books and took off to the library to return a couple and look for a couple, then wended my way to Native Sun to give it another good lookaround. I'm glad I did; my mind was more open this time, and I came away with some knowledge and munchies. That place will really come in handy if I decide to try any ayurvedic routes, and I definitely want to do my produce and some meat shopping there when we're more financially able. It's an interesting balancing act...finding a happy medium between eating healthy for you vs. eating healthy for the environment, and it both helps and complicates things that regular grocery stores are carrying more and more organic foods...again, it means being a prudent shopper. I'll pay .99 cents for organic canned beans at Native Sun if I can get about the same thing for the same price at Publix, but I'm not going to pay a dollar more per can for Wolfgang Puck soup at Native Sun when I can find it cheaper at Publix...that kind of thing.

Unfortunately, integrating a healthier diet means some experiments on the stove, and the one I did Saturday was rather vile...stir-fried veggies when I should've just steamed them. But live and learn, and Les is one of the more easygoing guys on the planet so I was able to ruefully admit my mistakes without feeling like slugslime.

Sunday was a good day...lousy, female-wise, but whatever pain that brings, it brings an equal or greater amount of energy and motivation. I woke up determined to clear away a pinch of the detritus in our house. I started in the foyer where things had started to pile up, moved onto the bookcase and couch cushions I've been meaning to toss, and lugged some Goodwill junk to the car. Cleaned out one of our old litter boxes, which, porch permitting, I'm hoping to use for a planter in the near future. Cleaned the bathroom too, in a couple of corners that haven't seen cleanser in oh, let's just say a while :) There's a huge bag of trash that needs to be broken down, and 2½ boxes of books headed to Chamblin's still, but it was a really good start. If work keeps up with the sporadic (or even if it doesn't), I intend to make use of my weeknights properly and get some more organizing done. Didn't get any work-related research done this weekend either (hunting, pondering the ole future, etc.) and I worked a whopping 17 hours last week, so some thought's going into that subject this week too.

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