Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Aiken was.....

.....I'm thinking.....

Family issues were afoot, which made the household itself quite stressful. I attempted to steer clear of the drama by spending lots of time outdoors, knitting, reading, walking, exploring. Friday was shoe shopping and a pretty top; Saturday was a serious hike in Hitchcock Woods (for this body anyway), taking care of niece, and visiting with dear friend of Lilsisinlaw; Sunday was puttering and more niece time. She's 15 months old and seems to be developing ok, in spite of the fact that both her parents are addicts and emotional retards.

Hitchcock Woods was exhilarating!!! Tried a different entrance, but it was way too private to park, so I went back to the main entry and just took a different route off the main path. The result was some hills I don't think I've encountered the likes of since the Breast Cancer walk in NY in '02; my quads and knees are still deciding if we're on speaking terms. I took a walk around the neighborhood yesterday before we left, to try to work out the kinks, but I did a little jogging, so my knees are having a talk with me today, something akin to "hey dipshit, get down to 2 bills before you do that again!"

After the walk yesterday, I sat in their side yard and grounded, centered, and tried the blue feri flame exercise from Evolutionary Witchcraft. Felt terrific afterwards :) and the walking reminded me of how much I love being outdoors. I want to make walking a habit, was even thinking of changing my work schedule so I can get out in the mornings and not be pressed for time, but with daylight savings finishing up, I think I'll hold off and just work on making time for me regardless.

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