Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hitchcock Woods

Forgot I downloaded this...some niece shots sidetracked by Ravelry last night :) Got invited in yesterday, got home from work, and started taking pictures of my UFOs, stash, and the finished objects I'm more proud of. Uploaded almost everything to the site except my needle, is it fun to snoop around in there! My LilSis would be surprised, I think, by the sheer number of crafty folks on that's sort of like MySpace for knitters, and looks like it'll be a neat tool for trading patterns, destashing for cash, etc. I already look forward to approaching the designer of the mermaid fingerless gloves for assistance, when I reach the thumb gusset...when I've started them, that is, LOL! Sooooooooooooooooo many neat patterns.....

I'm in a mood today, so may not go to KB...been in a mood this week actually; can't tell if it's SC trip decompression or the usual orneryness at the holding pattern that is our life. Probably both...I tidied the bedroom a bit early on, which created floor space and lightened my mood, but the dining room is suffering again, and I'm not setting foot near there to clean until we get more cat litter tomorrow, so...patience.

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Lynn said...

We missed you too:)