Monday, September 24, 2007

Weird weekend

The apartment just overwhelmed me Saturday, so I did a whole lot of nothing :( We own so much stuff and I don't want to throw out or Goodwill a lot of it, so my brain just shut down. It started when I attempted to dig out the catch-all corner next to my knitting chair in the bedroom. I realized there's a reason all that crap is there; I simply have no place else to put it at this time, not without an additional storage container of some sort. I couldn't nail down a solid reason behind the depression, but it was definitely there, because I slept a helluva lot. Sunday I rallied a bit, plowed through the kitchen, did all the laundry (and with a sprained toe! Clipped it good on a chair leg :(...

I'm definitely working through something, only wish it was a little more apparent. I think it has to do with getting cardio appt is tomorrow, so naturally I downed 4 beers on Sunday and ate my body weight from Wendy's. Some of the laziest, most uncomfortable emotional eating I've ever done...shouldn't I be, like, too mature for that at this point? Apparently not...well, there's still hope for me though; I have Dr. Ornish's Reversing Heart Disease book waiting for me at the library, and I'm going to crack open that book 0n just where meat comes from in the US...that should keep me off the stuff for the foreseeable future. The Omnivore's Dilemma almost does the job on its's a fantastic tome that delves into how different foods are processed nowadays (like how cage-free eggs aren't necessarily any better/actually might be worse than the usual kind, because instead of the chickens being kept in cages and their poop dropping into the abyss of a large area below...they're kept in a large concrete-floored room and allowed to wander their own crap.)

Off the next 2 days.....only one of 'em's voluntary...I'd stalled on hunting, but it's starting to look better again...this dry a spell of work is scary.

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