Friday, September 21, 2007

Autumn Equinox this weekend

I haven't celebrated a sabbat in I don't know how long...I asked off on Halloween (Samhain) so that I can spend the day with Dad, so to speak (veil between the worlds being thinnest and all that), but there's no reason not to celebrate this weekend too. I say that about Samhain, but really I'll be taking stock, since it's Pagan New Year...because in truth, I can talk to Dad whenever I want to. Had a nice conversation with him on the way to work this morning. I get that Dad's wishes were to be buried in CT, but I can't help wondering if in the back of his mind, he also wanted to be laid to rest there so that we wouldn't be able to visit him nearly as much. And I get that now, because it really isn't him there, just a place to remember him. And since I can remember him whenever, wherever I want to, what's the point...the idea's of the same vein when people were standing around in his hospital room saying their final goodbyes after he'd gone, and I just couldn't stick around in there...not just because I was in such blind shock from losing him, but because he really was gone from the room, all that was left was a shell, and I didn't see the point. May sound harsh, but I'm just now seeing how much of him I still have in me, and it ain't a bad thing.

Anyhoo, was checking out Dad's site because I was chatting it up with a friend (I am SUCH an Internet stalker...I knew Scott - the friend - in college and haven't seen him in oh, 15 years or so), and came across the photo on top right...this one's always knocked me out with how precious it is...Cyril's all of 2 years old, they're in the den area of the Silvermine Avenue house in Norwalk, there's a toybox and an ancient set of Lincoln Logs in the background. Time's a wild thing...Cyril is now 6'4" or 5", weighing in around 237, I think; has a son of his own...

Speaking of Hunter, next weekend's the Autism walk at the Jacksonville Zoo, and even though it's not Cyril's weekend, we're hoping he'll be able to come along. This weekend will be a putterer...hopefully I can hit some of the tasks that fell to the wayside last weekend when we were enjoying our apartment-cum-sweat-lodge. Les is going to want to spoil me silly because we did absolutely nothing for my birthday this year, but there's bills to be paid, so I'll keep us in line.

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