Thursday, September 20, 2007

New day...again...

Got my wish...was sprung from work 2 hours early yesterday due to lackosites...instead of curling up though, I completely reorganized my jewelry box (which I've been wanting to do since getting the new earrings from Mom's jewelry show, and it meant tossing some stuff I've had around since high school, which given my tastes back then, was a very wise choice), took a shower, painted my nails, and relaxed. Couldn't get in a knitting mood for some reason, so I wisely steered clear of the sticks and string and just puttered. Should've cleaned the kitchen, but I was still in a semi-bad place so I actually practiced know, when you sit fully in a comfy chair and just let your mind drift. I'm hoping to start Dr. Ornish's diet and lifestyle this weekend, when we actually have a pinch of dough to buy suitable food, and one of the tenets of his plan is daily meditation/relaxation techniques.

And it's funny how the simplest things can set your mind in a better place...played with my hair after my shower, because I've been wanting to cut it shorter again, and realized with my seriously large and round face, I need to let it grow. This is a tough one...from about 8th grade to Leslie (a span of 20+ years) I was a short-haired gal (face wasn't quite as round back then), and I'm a low-maintenance person to begin with...and no matter how plain you make your hair as it's growing out, it's still high-maintenance. It's hitting that in-between point, just resting on the shoulders, where I lose patience frequently and have fantasies of shaving it off and dying my head purple. But I moved the bangs to the side last night, and I'm feeling better about it today. Probably helps that we're coming into winter, well, Florida's version of winter...I have a terrific head of hair if I do say so...nice and thick, albeit still healing from the stripping I gave it about 6 months ago (I will NEVER do that again with a home kit!), and most of the layers have grown out, so it doesn't POOF quite so badly around my ears. Just gonna have to use straightening product for a while longer, or shower at night and sleep on it so it cooperates.

Yes folks, she just spent a whole paragraph talking about her hair. Ah, whaddaya want, there's no sites in the queue again...should've brought my knitting :) Started the first panel for Les's sweater, that's no-brain knitting. I'm glad I started lace again too though; there's something soothing about knitting that requires brain activity. I still wonder at how I've found a craft hobby that doesn't frustrate me; never had that ability when I was younger. Crafting through modern medicine, I guess. Purling with Paxil :)

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