Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Rallying Wednesday

I'm starting to feel better again. Darnedest thing. I can feel that strength returning, which I wasn't even completely aware had vacated the premises until I realized I was rallying. Odd. The coffee tastes great this morning, the weather wasn't completely oppressive when I stepped out of the car, I'm working Mods, which I enjoy more than working regular sites. It's little things that add up to the simple pleasure of feeling better. Lord, please let it stick around today. The kitchen is in dire need of a cleaning, and Les is knocked flat with the weekly migraine. I may harness this feeling by making fresh lists of things I'd like to accomplish in the near future.

I'm nearing a stopping point on the brown yarn for the Cascade bag, so that got my attention last night. I want to work the Retro Rib socks, but I'm smartly holding off when I can tell my brain isn't in a pattern mood. Striped yarn hides screwups well, but that's no reason to plow forward when the brain ain't cooperating. So I put some rows on the Cascade bag, and I'm thinking of switching to the pink yarn for a stripe, and then the blue.

Echocardiogram was a combo plate of fascinating and scary. No reason for fear really; I've had ultrasounds before, and more invasive than that sucker (the vaginal one last year was a blast, she said sarcastically). I mainly lay there with my mouth open, struck dumb by how clearly you can see all the chambers and valves. The valves appeared to work beautifully; it was very cool to watch their precision...there's a beauty to it that just knocked me out. Heart seemed to be working awfully hard considering I was at rest, and I wasn't crazy about the wall thicknesses, but I'm pretty sure that's because it's specifically what concerns me (it's a big symptom of what killed Dad), and besides, there appeared to be plenty of room in all the chambers. So I'm not actually going to obsess about it, contrary to the appearance of this paragraph ::wry grin::. I have a nuclear stress test on Friday, and then I get to wait til the end of the month before going over the results with Dr. Ashchi, so I may as well relax and concentrate on losing some of this weight, so the heart doesn't have to work as hard.

Birthday's's harder to get jazzed about it when you know you can't celebrate it in any material fashion, and that in itself is kind of sad, and worthy of introspection. Usually I don't want much more than a nice dinner, but knowing we can't even do that this year makes it kind of ho-hum. I have some earrings and a pin coming from Mom's jewelry party later this month, so that'll be nice. Otherwise, I just hope to get outside for a walk, and indulge in knit and Les time.

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