Friday, September 07, 2007


Ok, so like, I know it must be safe...they've been doing nuclear stress tests for awhile now. And I certainly want the clearest possible pictures and results...I mean, we are talking about my heart health, potential to have kids, etc. But doesn't shooting radioactive material into me not once, but twice, smack of overkill? It's one of those Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park situations: just because we can do it, doesn't mean that we should.

Delicious, blissful Friday...nothing huge planned this weekend other than relaxing, knitting, tiny bit of cleaning...hope the weather's nice Sunday; I'd love to hit a park or the beach. That'll depend on gas $ tho', we're in real serious trouble finance-wise for 1 more pay period. :(

I think the weather's turned again already...weird. Not cool or anything, but not quite total summer either. I must be more tolerant this year, because it really feels like the only serious summertime we had this year was in August, and usually it's more like May, June, July, August, September....

Got a wonderful surprise in the mail the other day...3 GORGEOUS balls of mohair yarn from Alexa. Can't wait to settle down to a project with them; only trouble is deciding what to do. I'm chicken to do a full garment with yarn that fine, but at the same time, I'd rather make something to actually wear, rather than drape, because I know that yarn will feel SO good close to the skin...

Happy birthday to me!!

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Alexa said...

How about a mohair v-neck vest or camisole type thing? Or mohair underpants if you want it really close to your skin.