Friday, September 14, 2007

Delicious Friday

Thank goodness it's here...this week's been weird. It was so terrific to see everyone at KB last night, it actually brought me down as I was leaving. Two reasons behind that, I realize: it's tough to go meet people at an eating establishment when you can't afford to eat, and it also helped me realize how ready I am to do more challenging knitting again. Ruthee brought the Leaf Lace shawl to show off, and I'm just knocked out by how pretty it is. The autumny colorways of the Noro Silk Garden combined with that pretty pattern... she made an exquisite shawl, one I'd love to try myself. As for the lackomoney, it was another learning experience. We have a pinch of dough in the bank and I know Les wouldn't have begrudged me a soda, but when I got up to the counter, I just couldn't see sinking $1.50 or whatever on carbonated corn syrup and I wasn't in the mood for tea (because we drink it all the time at home), so I got water (which was rather vile, but I felt better about myself for doing it). These thin days are really educating me about money's value...I mean, when you're standing in a grocery aisle pissed because the $2.50 you're about to pay for maxi pads could be going toward food, it's a sign of something. The same goes for junk food; I'm not going to spend money on chips or chocolate when it could be going toward protein or veggies. These realizations are a long time coming...thank goodness I'm getting a clue.

I'll probably bear down on the Cascade bag this weekend, so I can be done with the silly thing, but with the walk and cleaning I have planned, it's sketchy as to if I'll actually get it finished. Going to rip out the Retro rib sox and start fresh.

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