Monday, September 17, 2007

A bit lighter, how 'bout you?

Seriously, if I didn't lose like, 5 pounds of water weight this weekend, I'll be very surprised. I got home from the Heart Walk (which was a sweaty enough endeavor on its own) to discover the A/C was fading fast. Les is familiar with the signs, but since it was still reading low 70s when the guy came to look at it, he was unwilling to do anything at that time. It quit completely after he left; fan still worked, but blew lukewarm air, and we slept in an 85-degree apartment that night (if you can call waking up every hour drenched, sleeping). It stayed that way all of Sunday...we called the complex by 10 and miraculously they came out by 11ish, only to tell us that the condenser was shot and that if they leaned on the contractor, they'd hopefully be out by 5 with a new one. It was an absolutely miserable day; I finally went outside and read, because it was a pinch cooler outside. We broke 90 degrees in that apartment before they showed up yesterday afternoon with the new unit. The cats must've been worse off than us, but they found cool places to hang, like the kitchen floor and the tub, and Jordan's appetite was actually better while we dealt with the worst of the heat.

It took forever to cool back down, but the new unit appears to be doing the trick; last night's sleep was wonderful. Absolutely zero got accomplished thanks to our environmental difficulties, so I hope to tuck into some tidying tonight, as well as go for a walk. Started 2 new lace projects this weekend, in spite of the heat, and hope to get some time on those as well.

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