Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Ok, bear with me...

Just downloaded more pics from the digicam...feeling very pleased with myself. See, the ones on the right side of the blog I stole from my Dad's Everlasting Memorial website (is that grave robbing?).

These pics were more from the CT trip...

The Warren Congregational Church, Warren, CT

The photo is Mom & Dad's wedding, January 21, 1967 at St. Jerome's Catholic in Norwalk, CT (and of course, Dad sits in front of the picture)

Me, Lil Sis, & Lil Bro (Whaddaya want? We're Irish...there's an excellent chance all three of us were tight.)

My Uncle Dan's 1927 Model T Ford (no better way to blow off steam after a funeral than going for a drive in that beauty! Yes, it runs!)

It's nice being able to look back on that trip and feel happy. It was so good to see everyone; we got back in touch with cousins we hadn't seen in 20+ years. I look forward to saving and going back.
Hit the library to start some preliminary study on agriculture. Managed to finish the hat and booties...if I ever get off this computer, I'll put a row or three on the kimono.

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