Monday, August 20, 2007

Manic Monday

So the kimono had the towel thrown in on was vexing me for some reason, or I'd just had enough of knitting baby stuff. Well, that can't exactly be it, because I'm thinking of starting a baby blanket for no one in partic. (in other words, wishful thinking). But I finished the bumblebee hat and booties (pic coming) and threw in an aloe for good measure for my boss (woohoo! One down, 7-something to go!). I'll take pics of my aloe soon too. Kind of just dawned on me that people, friends, family, poor slobs I meet on the street, etc., will be more receptive to acquiring the aloe if it's in a smallish container. I currently have it in, I think, about five medium to large containers (not including the Big Boys), which could semi-easily be broken down into smaller cuttings.

I realize that growing aloe in Florida is kind of like growing cactus in Arizona (not a toughie), but I'm still damn proud of my haul. Our friends Steve and Lynn gave us one cutting probably 5 or 6 years ago, and from thence cometh my porch garden. It's probably the only thing I can grow on that porch...the western exposure means it catches full sun in the afternoon, and in the summer that can be murder for your average plant. I'm still hoping to try some herbs and veggies out there this coming year; I know I'll be tending them more carefully than I've done in the past. I just hope there's a semi-green thumb in my mominlaw can pinch a leaf off of something, give it its own pot, and have a flourishing plant a week later. My mom, on the other hand, killed a cactus once. I'm hoping to be somewhere in the middle.

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