Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Check for an eclipse.....

...or evidence that the earth has done a 180 on its axis...well, there was that earthquake in Peru, and Dean's currently a CAT5.....hmm.......

Last night, Melanie did something extremely rare for her personality. EXTREMELY.

She worked out. Exercised. Performed a complete weightlifting scenario.

::pause for the collective gasp of surprise::

Maybe the key lies in not planning, not making a huge deal about it. Just recognizing that it needs to be a natural part of your routine. Whenever I tell myself during the day that I want to work out, 9.85 times out of 10 it plain doesn't happen come end of the day. Guilt happens instead. Chocolate happens.

Last night was different. Wasn't even thinking about it. I got home and wasn't hungry yet, so I decided to do some stretching. I've been off Celebrex for a couple of days now, and thank goodness, my back seems to be better. Lack of snacking due to lack of funds has caused me to drop those four or five lithium pounds I'd added back on (well, it definitely feels that way anyway...haven't jumped on a scale yet, but you know how it is when your pants start fitting nice again and when you suck it in, you recognize those old friends, your ribs). So I'm feeling a touch better about myself, just a little stiffness in the lower back that I knew I could work out with some flexibility exercises. So I throw down my workout mat (because my yoga mat is buried in a sad heap next to the easy chair), and start with sun salutation. And when I'm down enjoying Cobra pose, my line of sight is directly next to where I keep the bag with my weights, the air pump for my Bean®, and where I'm pretty sure I last stashed the Kathy Smith Lift Weights to Lose Weights book. The book I promised myself I wouldn't start until I was sure I wouldn't be ruining it by writing in like, 2 pages and then giving up. And something flooded through me, I finished sun salutation, pulled out what I needed, and proceeded to do Day 1 all the way through. Minimum reps, reading carefully...I'll lower the weight on the triceps and lats for Day 2, but for the most part, not hard at all. And SO. Freakin'. Energizing. Today I'm sore, but it's good sore...it's "hey let's go for a walk and work out this soreness after work" sore. Now I just need to find the willpower to stay in my chair at work and not go walking, like, NOW.

Was grumbling to myself as I was getting ready for work, that I wouldn't mind being up this early if it was for a nicer reason.....like, because I'd already milked the cow, fed the chickens, and put the sheep and goats out to pasture. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to put my kneepads on and weed the squash and pumpkin patch before the heat gets to be too much.

It sure is a nice place inside my head these days.

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