Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Lizards and light hearts

I'm definitely doing ok these days. Downright unsettling. Meara thinks we've switched personalities. I'm alternating fairly easily between the happiness and the grief, but it feels healthy, not bipolar ::wry grin:: I'm so happy at the end of the day to be home with Husby, doing little things like cooking and cleaning, while later when I was knitting the bumblebee hat (for the boss's little one), I found myself weeping for my children who will only know their Lyons Grand-Sir through stories. I know he'll see them and know them, but it's so not the same, and it makes me ache.

The lizards I'm referring to in the title are the ones that run rampant in Florida...I'm guessing they're also pretty prolific in states like Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico, but this is definitely a dilemma reserved for the significantly southern states. I'm referring to driving down the road and realizing you have an unexpected visitor clinging for dear life to the hood or wipers of your car. I'm impressed by the strength and tenacity of small critters like that; I'll never forget a trip home to campus (Tampa) from Wachulla years back, where I discovered that my under-hood areas were populated by dozens of tree frogs who'd made the trip back with me. Well, this morning one of the little buggers showed himself as I was getting onto 95, too late to pull over and offer him his freedom. I felt bad...as a granola, I've developed a soft spot for just about everything except snakes and hard-backed insects, but I was stuck on the highway and so watched him (and the road occasionally), as he positioned himself away from the worst of the wind. We're talking a lizard no more than 2 inches in length, hanging onto the wiper arm facing me while his tail whipped back and forth and his little neck caught the currents. Finally he slid down under the hood somewhere, and I had fantasies of him flying into the car via the air-conditioning vents...with a tiny little yell of "whoo-aaaah!" and landing on my cheek (I hadn't had my coffee yet. And I've been watching a lot of "Scrubs" lately...).

Couldn't find him when I got to work : ( Probably did all that fighting only to slide out of my car and promptly get squashed by the next vehicle. Such is life.

Had to rush the pot roast prep, so I wasn't happy with the outcome...certainly edible, but not deserving praise. I need to look up more brisket recipes; it's too easy to create the same flavor every time with a meat like that. Bumblebee hat almost to the decrease point, kimono withering from neglect, but Kyle XY and Closer had my attention as well last night.

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