Monday, August 27, 2007

Anybody get the license # of that truck?

I'm surprisingly accepting about what a waste of a weekend it was for me, performance-wise. I guess it just needed to happen, but usually I have to really convince myself that this is the case. This time though, it was clearly out of my hands. Went to the funeral, survived that no problem, but I guess even that's a lie, because I went from slightly foggy in mind on Saturday night to barely wanting to move Sunday. Was keeping up with my meds fine, so it was definitely my brain telling me to take a breather.....kept staring off into space and then realizing I'd been doing that like, for a while. So I stayed indoors, tried some careful random knitting, and though my nap was filled with stress dreams, after dinner I began to rally a bit. Y'ever been too depressed to cry? It's been literally years since I've been in that place, but I was definitely revisiting it on Sunday. Anyway, appears I'm back to my version of out of the house at a decent hour this morning, made it to work without wanting to kill anybody, and while I'm only about 2/3rds here (at work), that's about norm for me.

Started the last skein of Colorwaves for the random wrap.....this thing'll end up being used more as an at-home throw than an outdoor wrap, but hey, at least it'll get used. Also did just a bit of the Cascade bag...I'm going to finish the brown that I'm currently working before I add a different color. And I worked 3 rows of the baby blanket I started late last week...MAN, I don't care for seed stitch, but for some reason I just feel the need to make this blanket again (the 4-block model in the original SnB book)...the crap acrylic I'm using is awfully rough, but it's a really pretty yellow, so I forgive it :)

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