Tuesday, August 07, 2007

10 Things

My apologies for yesterday's post...I was in a lot of pain.

Admittedly, this blog has been a necessary vent for the past almost-3(!) months, but I'm reaching a point where positive activity needs to start occurring again in my life. My head is chock-full of ideas about studying, organizing, moving and removing furniture, finances, cleaning, gardening, knitting...the list goes on...much of which requires physical capabilities I don't currently possess, naturally. But to keep the frustration level to a minimum, I'll go back to something I haven't done in forever and grew up doing: making lists. Itemizing and categorizing the things I wish to occur. I'll mostly keep these to myself or stick them on my
SC Moving blog, but by listing things I want to occur, hopefully the frustration won't slop over onto here so much.

Which got me thinking about a nice idea that I'm thieving from our buddy
ruthee, who got it from 10 Things. You don't have to be a shiny, happy person to appreciate the simplicity of recognizing beauty and gratitude in life (good thing or I'd be screwed ::wry grin::). I notice some things everyday, have done so ever since becoming a witch. But it's definitely important for me right now to take note of the noteworthy...sounds redundant, but it's not. I'm doing a lot better, functioning at work, productivity almost back to normal, sadness doesn't sneak up on me, but the trade-off appears to be that when the sadness does strike, it feels like I won't be able to stop crying. I'm sure this is a necessary step in grieving, but it kind of sucks. I know working on the grief books I have will help, but they've been pushed aside again in favor of knitting and Kingsolver, which are certainly their own brands of therapy too. Rationalizing to justify fiber time...yeah, knitters never do that :)

In no particular order...

1. The scent of the crape myrtle trees when I get out of my car at work.

I'm actually not a fan of crape myrtles...my first encounter with them was when we moved to NC. Gastonia was mad with them, but that year the gypsy moths infested big time, leaving tons of dead-topped trees with this disgusting webby nastiness in their armpits. But there's a row of them right where I park my car, a nice bit of business district beautification, and although they still irritate me, because I'm usually too lazy to park elsewhere when it rains and I end up with their fine, messy blossoms all over my hood, their scent strikes me when I get out of the car and makes me smile. It's like in April when you suddenly catch wind of a pretty scent and know that there's azaleas blooming somewhere nearby. And gosh knows first thing in the morning heading into the artificial atmosphere of computers and air-conditioning for 8 hours, it helps to have something to smile about.

2. Good medical benefits.

The ease of going to the doc when I want or need to, and paying a copay with a credit card that's specifically a medical account...my cup runneth over with gratitude for that. I may get pissed about how they increase the premiums and copays every year, but I can't knock it when I compare it to a) other plans, or b) no decent plans at all. I don't even have to fight for referrals. Meanwhile I watch a family member (on husby's side) with fibromyalgia, a medication dependency problem that the fibromyalgia has only exacerbated, and nothing but straight Medicaid at present for herself, her significant other, and their baby. I know how good I have it.

3. Chocolate.

'nuff said.

4. The fast gratification of knitting baby stuff.

Even after several years at the needles, the delight I get from finishing a project is hilarious. Had to bring the bootie out to the living room to show Husby, and it's sitting on my end table on display, telling me to hurry up and finish his mate, which should be done tonight, at which time they'll both be taunting me to get the matching hat done.....they don't exactly talk to me....it's more a mental thing....(yeah, melanie, mental's a good word...I hear y'all thinking!)

5. Farm blogs

Been living vicariously through them this week.

6. The Knitting Bitches

We don't meet as often as we'd like, but it's nice to know they're there :)

7. Yahoo Messenger - sneak-chatting with Lil Sis at work...keeps us both sane, I think.

8. Lil Sis

Ain't she a knockout? Not that I'm biased er nothin'...

9. Suns game with Mommie this Saturday!

10. Having a surplus of good meds for my blasted back.

Celebrex and homeopathic meds appear to be doing...very little unfortunately. Muscle relaxants appear to be helping, not nearly as uncomfortable as I was yesterday (as long as I don't sneeze again), but it's nice to have the good stuff available for when I decide to cave. Now if I could just go home to my wing chair and my knitting.....ah well, that's what this being thankful nonsense is for :)

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