Monday, August 06, 2007

Pity party

Why me?
If there's a lesson in this, I appreciate it...I'm certainly open to life lessons of late, but if the gods could just give it up now, and skip the 3-4 weeks of pain I'm about to go through, that'd be much appreciated. I just don't have time for this; my PTO is in the basement, which means I have to go to work, even if I feel like absolute shit.
I hurt my back, lower right quadrant, so badly that basic movement is compromised. Getting in and out of the car is teeth grinding, and I simply can't get comfortable sitting or lying down. Makes it real easy to work at my desk or catch up on sleep. That's sarcasm, folks. Can't lift my arms, especially on the right. Can't sit certain ways or the pain travels down my right leg. Went to my doc today, who gave up some Celebrex, which ain't doing dick, and an Rx for muscle relaxants, which I can't get until after work. I'm barely functioning, and I have no choice but to do just that, because I can't take any time off work.

Sick of this blog being such a downer. I did start some baby stuff this past weekend. My boss's wife is due this month...I've done one bootie, started the other, and plan to also do at least a hat and kimono for his little girl. Also elbow deep in Kingsolver's new book, Animal Vegetable Miracle...quite inspiring and thought provoking, about eating locally and healthily. Can't wait to try some of those recipes!

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Alexa said...

Can't sit? Can't lie down? Go out for a walk!