Saturday, June 30, 2007

Weekends rock!

I'm sitting here at work and I can say that, because I have most of 2 days of personal productivity and relaxation still to look forward to. I cleared away some of the bedroom debris last night, had an epiphany about my dietary habits, and after a nap today, look forward to more clearing away of the scrub brush of life that proliferates in my apartment.

The epiphany is a bit of a broken record, but these learning experiences are always works in progress for me. I'm off booze completely now, and I'm actively investigating healthy eating from now on. Yup, heard it before, huh? But I keep pushing that envelope and pushing it, until something scares me, and last night I was a little scared. Like I should probably go to a cardiologist and get those tests done again to make sure everything's cool, because heredity aside, I'm the most at risk of my siblings thanks to all this extra weight on my bod. The water pill and potassium mean me having to pay strict attention to my diet and how much I drink (meaning hydrate); I realize that now. I whine and whine about wanting to have kids, but more important than that is making it to 40 without a cardiac incident. Nothing serious occurred last night, but it brought to mind all the things that could occur if I keep killing myself not-so-slowly through food. So I'm done screwing around. If it means bland-as-hell diet with no red meat, sweets, or salt, I'll take it willingly, because there's no point obsessing about being healthy for having kids if I continue endangering myself and any chance I have of creating them in the first place.

So...gonna knock off some sites, and go home and play! Started color 5 on log cabin...I'll unearth the stash later today for suitable continuations, and hopefully find some old projects for frogging or finishing.

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