Monday, July 02, 2007

Surprisingly ok mood

For a Monday, that is...hell, a couple of days last week were real butt-draggers. But I slept the clock around Saturday night, and spent Sunday doing a whole lot of relaxing. I could just tell that I didn't have it in me to clean much, so I picked up my knitting and tucked in. Later in the evening, gave myself a foot bath and repainted the toes. And best of all, can't begrudge myself the slacking because it was very necessary.

Frogged 2 more projects, and planning to pick up mr. sock's mate tonight to get myself in the mood so I have something to bring to the baseball game tomorrow night ::grin:: It's either that or watch us get spanked by Mobile. We're going with Mom and hopefully, Cyril will join us after he works out. May have to bring more than one project, now that I think about it, to distract me from my desire for a beer. I'm definitely not touching alcohol in the foreseeable future. I'm giving my body a month on the potassium; then I'll call my doc to get my blood work done and get a referral for a cardiologist so I can get additional prophylactic tests done. No sense ignoring the possibilities just because I had a CAT scan done 2 years ago; I mean, heck that was 10 pounds ago and my BP was normal back then. I'm back to eating healthier, which sucks...but it really doesn't when the alternative is feeling as crappy as I've been feeling these last 2 weeks.

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ruthee said...

Re: your diet changes....take it day by day and meal by meal....don't try to be perfect - that is a recipe for failure.