Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Work? What work?

First, a public service announcement: any knitting screw-ups by the author, which occur over the next 2 weeks, will be attributed to lithium deficiency, regardless of extenuating circumstances. Any attempts to sway said tenet will be met with vehement opposition, sharp objects, the conjuring of Kali, etc.

I can tell that if I keep on with the alternative border on the SSS, that the above could definitely occur, and since ripping out the grey the first time nearly did in the shawl, I'm stopping this YO nonsense before I start hating what I've done, and finishing it off with a row or three of garter. I'm only on row 5 of what's supposed to be a 15-row edge, but I just don't trust my skill in lining up the YOs to look right, so better safe than sorry. One thing's for sure, I should probably finish a couple of my easier UFOs after this, rather than jump right into more lace (for the sake of Husby and those around me).

Blog trolling definitely brings on the "not enough yarn or time on the planet" blues. I swear I'm going to give myself a moratorium on casting on...no new projects until at least the SSS and the FnF scarf are done. Plus some work on mr. sock's mate, and a shit-or-get-off-the-pot decision on the green hat (interest waning, will probably frog or bury in the bottom of a bag for revisit closer to hat weather). Because there's some excellent patterns and ideas out there in the ether, when you know where to look. This month's MagKnits (link at left) has a hat that presents a pretty Celtic cross-esque pattern. Found a guy with a hilarious Cafe Press shop - Panopticon. And KnitWitz here in town is starting a washcloth knitalong that's way more in my price range than the STR club. Also living vicariously through ever green knits, as she recently traipsed across Nepal in search of relaxation and yak yarn, and hoping to scope the Beltaine issue of Anticraft today, but alas, just found out I get to train the boss's soninlaw in QCing later (ACK!), so gotta get to lunch now :(

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