Monday, April 30, 2007

Lazy lazy weekend

Haven't had one like this in a while. Definitely a good thing, since I'm decreasing my lithium and having to pay close attention to the ole bod and brain. Saturday I tried my hand at whole wheat Italian bread (unimpressive recipe, but part of the problem was finding a suitable place to let it rise in our house...the oven's ok, but it gives it just a slight crust.) Now that it's warming up, I'll experiment with something that allows me to do it on the porch without critters getting to it. Then I made a 6- or 7-cheese penne for the potluck at Lynn, Robbie, and Michelle's that night. The recipe was a 5-cheese from the Barefoot Contessa, but once I got to the store, I was like, why buy separate cheeses at $2+ a piece, when I can buy a mixed bag for $2.75 total...probably makes me seem cheap, but I say frugal. I put a shade too much butter on top, but everybody raved anyway :) It was so nice to just hang with friends outside. We gals knitted, the kids played, the men poked the fire, and the weather was perfect, not too muggy, not too chill.

The Bean arrived, and not one moment too soon; I need the exercise. Thinking of walking after work while I do laundry, but more likely I'll try out some more exercises on the Bean, because the lithium decrease is giving me an initial bloat for some reason...felt like a hot air balloon when I woke up this morning and I'm surprised my pants fit. GRR! Gotta gotta GOTTA take off just a little bit of weight before you know what, or I'm going to be just miserable. I mean, if my back bothers me now when I'm on my feet for too long, I can't imagine how it'll feel with a critter growing inside me. I know part of the back ache is because I don't wear shoes all the time around the house, and I absolutely need to with my right foot doing me wrong the way it has, but still.....breaking in the custom orthotics for 1 hour on Saturday put me in pain the rest of the weekend though, so part of my feelings on this topic are just fresh frustration about what feels like a $300 stopgap measure.

Sunday I did very little, and didn't feel guilty. My sleep's out of whack though, which sucks. I'm not a fan of dreaming, because even when they're good dreams, it makes me wake up feeling like my brain's been on all night and like I'm not rested. I know from a scientific standpoint, it's actually the opposite, but that's the way I feel. So Sunday was a heavy dream night, I didn't get a nap yesterday, and could NOT get to sleep last night, plus snapped awake several times and had trouble getting back to sleep from those. Feel like I should be exhausted today, but so far so good. Weird. So I lazed around, knitted, read.

This week will be about knitting on the SSS (home stretch! again!), celebrating Beltaine, and improving my diet and exercise habits. I haven't done anything for the (Pagan) holidays in ages, so I'm going to try and plan a ritual on the porch for May Day. I got books by Dean Ornish and Kathy Smith at the Chamblin's splurge that'll get face time with me this week, and I'm breaking in that Bean :)

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