Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Where the heck's the week going?

It can't be Wednesday. No reason why. Just feels weird.

Husby was down with the Tuesday migraine, so I hunkered down with the SSS last night for about 3½ hours, and I'm more than halfway through the bind-off, I think. Hard to tell. Seems like more until you look at it, plus it dawned on me that I could safely do 2 stitches in 1 movement so long as I exercise a little grace, because KnitPicks Alpaca Cloud tangles if you pull it too quickly through the friggin' loops! Still, you get a rhythm going, plus I switched to a regular tapestry needle, rather than the one with the silly ball on the end. One thing that's nice is it's starting to look round, rather than like the world's largest snood.

Work went by fast yesterday, but it didn't feel like it in the thick of it, because I was working Custom sites for the first time in years. Custom sites are built in Dreamweaver 8 now, which is head-and-shoulders above any Dreamweaver I worked on in the past, so it's scary, interesting, and exciting to be working those types of sites again. I hope I get more time to play.

Last night and this morning I could feel myself coming down a bit from my post-lithium highs. Didn't want to get up this morning, let alone grab a shower, but thanks to my new haircut (not too drastic, just shaggier) I knew I'd feel better styling the mop with a fresh wash, so that rousted me up. Then when I was saying bye to Husby, my spirits buoyed even more, because I happen to be pretty squishy about what a cutie he is, so just looking into his face gave me such a lift. I leaned heavy on the carbs last night at dinner and the smoke was heavy in the air this morning, so I went into work headachy, but I've rolled up my sleeves at work and am feeling back to my new version of normal. It's rather heartening, I must say. So much depends on the simple effort of recognizing what I put into my body. If it takes making signs to put up all over the bedroom, I'm going to start reminding myself that healthy actually feels good. So friggin' simple.

P.S. Almost forgot...once a blue moon, my company comes through with a neat to TPC for Friday afternoon! Complete with parking pass so we don't have to shuttle from UNF. I didn't think Husby would give a shit, but he seems excited too, and we're not even huge golf fans. Even if it rains, I'm gonna have such a blast!

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