Friday, May 04, 2007

Seriously nice weather

What's come over me? Mind over matter? Lack o' lithium? Nah, more likely, can't beat 'em, join 'em...this mindset hit soon after realizing we weren't going to be able to move this year, that acknowledgement that comes with difficulty in life, the realization that being miserable is a personal choice. Whatever, others may find today a little blah, but I just want to be outside revelling in it. The humidity skyrocketed this morning, covering everything in a dense fog on the way to work, but when that fog burned off, it took quite a bit of the humidity back with it. The warmth we're experiencing is hazy, thanks to the blasted sadness that is wildfires in the area, but it's drier, so it doesn't hang on you with that wool-blanket feeling when you step outside. Oh, don't get me wrong, come July I'm sure the top thing in my mind will be, c'mon winter! But for now, it's delicious.

Jonesin' to get my hair cut again, tho'.....gonna have to feel Husby out on the subject. Last time I asked him about it, he let it slip point-blank that he didn't want me getting it cut, that he likes it much better long, and I ditched the idea immediately. How codependent is that?! It's my hair, for frick's sake! We both may look at it, but I'm the one stuck trying to style it, and then giving up and ponytailing it usually, or playing with it in attempts to get it off my face, which only make me look half my age or worse, silly, because I'm a late 30-something with all these barrettes and braids on my head. And I'm completely secure in his love for me, in spite of the fact that I'm as big as a house. Yeah, yeah, I know, what's that got to do with anything? So what makes me unable to push past his feelings on this ridiculously trivial issue? Did I mention it's my friggin' hair?

Delicious Friday! I have the Arthritis walk tomorrow, then relax time with maybe an excursion to the Fernandina Shrimp Fest this weekend if we can conjure the energy to go where there are people. Yarn in my stash and a song in my heart! Ok, I'm embarassing myself. Have a great weekend, gang!

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