Thursday, May 10, 2007

Windy Thursday

Ate lunch outside per usual and had a blast as my hair whipped around my face. Don't know if it's early Andrea or late cold front winds, but it's nice to not breathe smoke again.

The SSS is off its needles!!! Haven't tied up the loose ends yet...I've identified at least 4 spots that need a bit of cross-stitch to ensure their fortitude (marked them with open-ended stitch markers that I pray won't make the holes worse), which brings up another quandary: I forgot I'm out of blue yarn. So do I use the silver-grey, maybe add some extra spots where they're not necessary to create a random star effect, or do I indulge in the multi-colors a bit further by using the dark red Shadow that I also have? Probably the grey, but it's getting a night or two off, so we'll see.

Though I certainly don't need it, I'm hoping we hit the cake place again tonight at KB...wanna try Chocolate Silk next :)

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