Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The gallows humor creeps in...

So apparently they don't seal Dad's box (with his ashes) when they give it to us.....so I'm thinking before we head up to CT, we rig a little playback unit to the lid...anybody cracks him open and hears:
"This is what happens when you lay out in the sun..."
"Hey, turn out the light!"
"Please don't sneeze!"
"Yeah, well, let's see what you look like after a trip through an oven..."
"You should've seen the other vampire..."

I really shouldn't be allowed around people until this gets less raw. I swear I can see myself talking to the box as we're going through security at the airport..."Yes, I know I should've left the knitting needles at home, but it's either sticks and string or I remain under the influence of recreational substances for the duration of the trip...your choice, fella!"

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