Monday, April 23, 2007


So I had a decent weekend. Hormones were kicking my ass, so I rested quite a bit. Saturday we hit the Jacksonville Farmer's Market for the first time (the one on Beaver). I was impressed with its size, but not with its selection...oh, they had plenty of everything, but there was a plethora of out-of-season items, which makes you wonder how long they'd sat in freezers and root cellars. Given this is April, they shouldn't have had nearly the variety they did. Plus there was quite a selection of things that I wouldn't expect, like mangoes and bananas with the Imported from Ecuador stickers still on them. That's disappointing when you're trying to buy local. I may scout around to the neighboring towns for their farmer's markets, but more likely I'll make more of an effort to shop at Native Sun for's too close to my place not to.

Since we were over on that side of town, Les said, how about Chamblin's? Chamblin's Bookmine has to be the largest used bookstore in NE FL/SE could literally spend the day wandering their's crack for bibliophiles. An hour and $ACK$ later, we headed home with some terrific finds.

Sunday I went to church for the first time in ages, because I knew they'd be covering Earth Day in the some good ideas for living more sustainably. Spent the rest of the day relaxing and reading...knitting's getting neglected, but it's definitely for a good cause. I'm taking the steps I should've stuck with back in February, to lose a little weight and get healthier for baby-making. Dr. Kim-Ashchi took one look at my weight and my age and wanted to send me to a fertility specialist. It's hard to feel like that's justified when we haven't really started trying for real yet, but on the other side of the coin, losing weight takes time and I ain't getting any younger. So I'm checking with my insurance to see if it's even an issue (lots of plans still don't cover infertility specializations), and I'm weaning off the lithium, because she won't put me on anything (like Clomid) until I'm off that, since there's a very real chance of danger to the fetus in the early weeks. Not grazing is the hardest thing, but I'm stocking up on SlimFast and fruit for quick snacks.

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