Monday, April 23, 2007

April showers bring May flowers...

I hope so. 'Cuz we ain't getting rain, but we could sure use some sun.

I'm not talking about the weather. I was having an ok day. Then I read my email and now there's this ache in my belly. One of my friends from CT high school lost her mom last month in a car accident. She hit a patch of black ice and took her SUV into a telephone pole, died at the scene.

Again, the athiest in me comes out. How could that have been her time to go? With no closure for her kids or grandkids, or her husband whom she inconceivably was still with in spite of the fact that they'd spent their marriage cheating on one another...this woman was the vice chair of the local school board, was a teacher and organist, was on her way to play at the weekly choir practice at her church as she'd done the last 9 is it possible that it was right for her to die in that manner?

More later...

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