Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Quick update...Personal Junk & Random Nonsense:

1. Stock paperwork FINALLY made it into the mail. Prosperity spell planned this weekend.

2. Still hurts like a bitch to walk. This ain't arthritis; I'm hoping it's not a stress fracture. Drs. appt. tomorrow. I hope Les's head is decent tonight, because I absolutely have to do laundry tonight (well, it's either that or skip vital parts of wardrobe tomorrow, like bra, pants............) and it ain't happening without his help.

3. Finished the hat and it looks EXCELLENT! I dabbled in more than 1 color with pretty results; the burnt orange of the Peace Fleece goes so great with the Olive/Brown Cascade. Definitely bringing it to KB this week to show off :) I've gotta get a digi cam after we move, so I can post stuff on this blog for my loyal fanbase. I'd definitely like to show off that hat to friends and fam.

4. Started a fresh hat right after I finished that one, because gods forbid I should work on mr. sock's mate or the SSS. Lion Brand just put out a new pattern for a lace beanie, and even though I doubt it'll exactly look good on me, I want to try it anyway. Using the pretty light blue Encore I acquired from Dana at the Stash busting party.

5. Thank goodness I have Website Pros, because I really want to be able to work from home during our kids' early years, and I'll never, ever recommend to anyone that they try those work-from-home deals where you sell travel packages or Herbalife or chotchis by computer. The sheer number of websites that we do for those kinds of businesses on a weekly, hell daily basis is frickin' unreal. To say that the market is saturated is a hilarious understatement.

6. Got my first rejection from the Lexington Medical Center, but I'm staying the course. That facility is far too close to our new apartment complex for us not to try to take advantage of its opportunities. This could really help Les confirm whether or not he's interested in nursing as a career. Can't wait to move so we can investigate the place from a more hands-on perspective; this long-distance stuff sucks.

7. That's it. Gotta go!

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