Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Damn & blast

It is probably arthritis.

I'm jumping to conclusions yet again, though. Went to regular doc today, had x-rays done, ARNP couldn't see anything, but technically haven't had a doc or a radiologist look yet. Got an appointment with a podiatrist for tomorrow and some anti-inflammatory samples for the interim. She wrote me a Rx for Celebrex initially, but since that's one of Les's meds, I already knew it was in the $50 range, so I was like, hey, whatcha got in Plan B? In the meantime, still limping and trying to keep the cynicism and grumpiness to a minimum, but I really can't imagine getting out of there tomorrow without the podiatrist saying how all my problems would magically resolve themselves if I'd just lose 100 pounds and invest the $300-some-odd in a pair of custom orthotics. Not too cynical, huh?

Then again, I didn't expect anything to come of this morning's appointment, thought I'd shell out my co-pay so that I could tell the ARNP what I thought it was, and she'd in turn recommend that I see a podiatrist. But she checked out my foot and made a decent diagnostic assessment, and had me get x-rays right there, so even though it's still probably one of the two things I thought it was to begin with (arthritis or stress fracture), I don't feel like I wasted my money by going there this morning. And surprisingly, the podiatrist was able to take me first thing tomorrow—that's sweet, considering I feel like we're starting to live on borrowed time where medical insurance is concerned. This whole sitch is one big billboard from the gods, as far as I'm concerned; they're reminding me not to drag my feet, well, foot, looking for a medical insurance deal up in SC, not to take for granted that one or both of us will have real jobs up there before we move. I have some phone calls to make.

I think I'll work the Soul-Sucking-Super-Spiral Shawl's actually a lot more soothing than its name :)

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