Thursday, March 15, 2007

Murphy molests collies

I try not to be a big believer in Murphy's law. There's nothing to be gained from that "the world is out to get me" train of thought. Still, I wouldn't have minded at all if these foot problems had manifested themselves, oh, 3 months ago, instead of 6 weeks before we move. Bygones.

It's not arthritis. It's not a fracture, strain, or sprain. It's the flatness of my foot creating misalignment and pressure. It didn't even dawn on me until after I was done talking turkey with the guy that it wasn't arthritis, that we hadn't discussed arthritis at all because this issue wasn't about cartilege and cushioning breakdown. However, knowing isn't exactly half the battle when the solution probably lies in a pair of custom $400+ orthotics, that I'm pretty sure insurance won't pay for, and we're meanwhile waiting on tenterhooks for the tax return and stock options to come through so we can actually move on time.

I swear, sometimes I want to become a doctor just so I'll better understand what's going on when I have to visit one. The doc made the comment that there's surgery in my future with that foot, and I said something like, "what, besides my bunion?" and he says back how the bunions are the least of my problems. That would seem disconcerting except this was a nice, normal guy (my first 2 podiatrists that I visited years back weren't: one had sucky chairside manner, and the other was a starer, gave me the creeps), and I'd already mentioned that we were moving, so it wasn't like he was trying to drum up business for himself down the road. Geez, I am cynical, huh? I prefer cautious and knowledgeable, thank you very much.

United defines durable medical equipment, in part, as equipment to assist mobility. I think orthotics should be covered under DME, and I may try to appeal if it's denied as such. In the meantime, my foot's taped, and I go back in 10 days. Still hurts to walk, but I think that med the ARNP gave me yesterday helped a lot; I'm just going to take it at night though, because it knocked me on my ass yesterday afternoon. Haven't had sleepiness like that on the job since my days on Respirdal. No fun.

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