Monday, March 12, 2007

7 weeks

Oh good, I thought it was 6......and surprisingly, I'm getting enough done on the weekends, where I don't go into the next week feeling like my head's going to spin off its axis and fly around the room.....

Given how our apartment is laid out, it's smart that I've started so early. Still, I look around and feel like barely anything's gotten done. I think I'll spend this week making stacks of boxes against walls, and digging into smaller areas like under end tables and in my stash corner. And yes, Les is helping. But I'm definitely cursed with the take-charge attitude, and poor bastard, I'm liable to go into a tailspin if he questions something I'm doing.

Random thought: arthritis sucks. I bought these adorable flats a week or three back, and even with the orthotics in, they're giving me pain all the way up my foot. Dammit! Just once I'd like to find shoes that allow me to be a) pain free and b) not look like a dike. And, notice, not or. Don't think that's much to ask.

One cat's practically on a hunger strike, the other's getting round. Can't wait to see how the move throws them.

I'm grumpy now. More later.

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