Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Fickle Female strikes again!

My hair is now red. A rather pretty red with shades of both dark and light. I'm finally recognizing that as a brunette, the only way to get even coloring in lighter shades is to pay the blasted dough to go to a salon, which I pretty much refuse to do out of necessity as well as principle. But this time's not bad at all—my best buddie in life enjoys applying the color and combing it through so that it gets applied evenly, so maybe I'll try keeping it around this color until fall.

I was all set to dye it a soft black. Stripped it Monday night to clear out my mistakes of the previous week, and lemme tellya, hair don't like stripping. They warn you that your hair will lose some of its natural pigment in the process, and that the follicles will experience breakage. The result was a fluffy mess of bright red on top and reddish brown in the back that did not appreciate a brush or comb yesterday. I don't want to get it trimmed at all, but I fear I'll be seeing all the split ends I've created in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, I'm conditioning the heck out of it.

As for the color, Les expressed his pleasure at seeing all the red in my hair, and it was our anniversary, and I caved like the squishy, codependent sheep that I am. But I have to admit I'm feeling prettier and not so dark. Plus I did trim it in those 2 spots (did I mention that already?), which I'm not going to let on to him about because he hasn't seemed to notice, and that's definitely made my hair more manageable. I didn't even remember to bring a scrunchy in my purse today, and so far, so good.

As for knitting, I've started mr. sock's mate, I've been working the SSS a row at a time, and have admitted to myself that I can't start the Pirate Queen's Booty Bag (or in my case, the Triskele bag) right now. I need fresh wool, there's nothing appropriate in my stash, and with our current big, looming payments to get out of the way pre-move, yarn definitely ain't a priority at this time. So I've started a hat instead with the Cascade and will transfer to the Peace Fleece after the ribbing; and for UFOs, there's still that scarf too. If I need a new project fix, I'll start the Cozy wrap in my Merino Style Nutmeg. But the coming weeks are going to be all about the move.

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