Monday, March 05, 2007

The trials of being a hormone hostage

Being this fickle is exhausting. Expensive too.

Indulged in a bottle of White Merlot this weekend. Was sitting still, patiently frogging my 2nd attempt at double knitting, and could actually feel my moods go up and down while I was quiet and keeping to myself. Knew that I needed to stay away from Husby for a while, because I'd either be horny or bitchy depending on which way the wind was blowing. This ticks me off, because I enjoy the flavor and release of a beer or a glass of wine now and then, and I keep having to remind myself that this is an indulgence I really can't afford emotionally at present.

Then there's the hair. I colored it last week in Chocolate Cherry by Feria, a dark burgundy brown, and was promptly bored by it......not burgundy enough, not something. So I bought some Manic Panic in After Midnight Blue and tried it last night, but all that did was dull it down further, and my hair's so dark, you can't really see the fact it's gone a little greenish instead in spots, probably because I tried highlighting too soon after the full color. So now I'm saying f*ck it and want to dye it black. I'm in a pretty dark mood of late, and it'll be pretty against my eyes. I emailed Clairol to see if I should strip it first and then color; if I don't hear back from them, I'll hit Sally's after work.

I did trim 2 areas where my layers hit my face, so they'd angle better, higher kind of, and that I'm immensely happy with. Les doesn't get it, he didn't want me cutting it at all—LOVES my hair long, but it plain doesn't look good the way it was, weighed down my face terribly. Well, the weight does that, so I guess the hair was accentuating it, rather. I'm still growing it out, but in the interim, it needs to look presentable and keep me sane, right? Tall order, I realize :) Anyway, I'm sure the sides aren't even by any stretch, but it's definitely had its desired effect because I've been tucking it behind my ears all morning without needing to put it up with barrettes or a scrunchy at all. THAT I really like...I'm always going to be a scrunchy gal, but when you're in your ::sigh:: late 30s and ponytailing it daily out of frustration, it doesn't do a whole lot for your self image and esteem.

In spite of the fact that we're desperately low on cash and need some for several key bills, I think this'll be a good week. Tomorrow's our 8th anniversary; I'm taking the day off and we'll spend it enjoying each other, and then he's making chicken parmesan for dinner. I started packing this weekend, just a few boxes of books, but it really helped me feel a little more organized, even if the apartment doesn't exactly reflect that. I'm faxing our new apartment apps today, so cross your fingers for us!

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